Patricia Folkner Daley’s mellow blend of jazz and folk has been aptly described by one of her fans as  “Diana Krall with a guitar.”  It is perfect for wine tasting events, dinner/cocktail parties, and art and wedding receptions. Pat is an incredible songwriter and performer.  Call if you’d like a house concert!  Your guests will have a wonderful time!  Her presentation is polished, smooth, and entertaining!

Pat plays either solo, or in the swing & blues duo, Mood Swing, with bassist/guitarist/singer-extraordinaire, Peggy Jordan.

Rates are based on a number of factors, such as: performance time, driving distance, solo vs. duo, special songs to learn, etc.   A wedding reception in the Boise area is generally  $275 to $600 range.

Please direct inquiries to:
Patricia Folkner Daley at (208) 484-2242 (call or text)

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