(for age 11 and up)

Pat Folkner Daley has been teaching guitar lessons in Boise, Idaho for  sixteen years.  Whether you’ve been playing  for a while or are new to the instrument, she can help you improve your technique, and your musicality.  Lessons are fun, and Pat uses many songs  to help you apply the things you’ve learned.



  • Proper playing technique
  • Note and tab reading
  • Strumming and  fingerpicking patterns
  • Accompaniment styles and solos
  • Many, many chords,  hundreds of songs
  • Whatever amount of theory you are interested in.
  • Folk, pop, blues, jazz.


  • 30 minute lesson $25
  • 45 minute lesson  $37.50
  • Preferred payment method is to pay for the month’s lessons at the first lesson of each month.
  • Consistency in attendance is expected, and last minute cancellations will be charged.
  • Lessons can be re-scheduled for the occasional school or family activity conflicts, with 24 hour notice.
  • Note: Summertime can be crazy, and we can work around family vacations, etc.


  • A 3-ring binder for the many music handouts you will receive.
  • A music stand, so you don’t have to hunch over the music on your couch when you are practicing.
  • An electronic tuner is very useful.  (about $18 at  Dunkley’s)
  • Picks (thin and medium, standard shape)
  • A guitar that is playable, and fits the student.


  • My studio is located near the corner of Broadway and Boise Ave. in SE Boise
  • Contact me at  208.484.2242  (call or text)

What students are saying:

I came to Pat as an intermediate/advanced guitar player. Pat helped me hone in on my weaknesses and fill the gaps of my knowledge, making me a more confident and well-rounded player.  Our work is never finished when it comes to art and learning the guitar! Pat just helps you get there more quickly and have fun in the process.

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